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Snake jewelry is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury and timeless glamour to any outfit. The sleek, sinuous curves of the snake are captured in exquisite detail in these pieces, making them a must-have for any fashion-savvy woman. What's more, snake jewelry is said to bring good luck and protection from harm, making it the perfect accessory for anyone on the go.


Discover Snake Intuition®

Most symbolic animal of all, the snake is intimately linked to the History of humanity. Incarnation of wisdom and cunning, it is also synonymous with seduction and vitality.

It is this extraordinary symbolism that Snake Intuition seeks to transcribe through its original accessories that combine tradition and modernity, and which are the essence of the brand by making it as unique as it is easily recognizable.

Animated by a true pioneering spirit and driven by values of integrity, innovation and open-mindedness; we wish to put at your service the high level know-how and the attention to the smallest detail shown by our craftsmen, so that you can express your deep personality through their original creations.

The Snake Style

True symbol, the elegance tinged with a hint of danger conferred by the snake is the perfect way to represent a virtue, a trait of character, or a value that is yours.

The totem animal becomes a precious companion and symbolic talisman when worn as a ring, necklace, garment or bracelet. The snake, with its bewitching aesthetics, can underline the virile power and the sharp mind of its wearer, and is also the incarnation of sensuality and feminine mischief.

And you, do you think you possess the intuition of the snake ?

Enter the Universe of the Snake

Unique personality pieces or thematic accessories, snake-intuition.com offers a wide selection of quality items to delight lovers of exotic styles, as well as enthusiasts.

In the continuity of our creative spirit and in order to guarantee you the highest quality, we have chosen to have all our products made by hand and on demand.

Snake Intuition thinks of itself as a company close to its customers, built around fundamental pillars such as sharing and satisfaction. For that, we guarantee a reactive customer service ready to answer the slightest of your questions or requests, as well as a free standard delivery on the entirety of our products.

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