A guide to understanding the meaning of snakes in dreams !

This very complete article has been designed as a guide, to help you understand the meaning of your snake dream. Use the table of contents if you want to go directly to the part that corresponds to your dream !


  • Dreaming of Snake: General Meaning
  • Interpreting your dream of a snake
  • Common Symbols of Snake Dreams
  • Dream of an aggressive, malicious, or morbid snake
  • Dreaming about a particular snake
  • Dreaming about a snake in a particular situation
  • Dreaming of many snakes
  • Dreaming of a harmless snake
  • Dreaming of a snake in a particular place
  • Snake dream and psychoanalysis
  • Snake dream in different cultures
  • Snake dream and lottery number
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When we sleep, we go through several phases of sleep. This is called REM sleep, which we experience from dreams and nightmares. During this very important phase, our brain 🧠 is in full activity because it "sorts" the information stored during the day. That's why we call this sleep "REM": we are asleep and yet our brain is running at full speed!

The analysis of dreams can be a real mine of knowledge if we know how to do it correctly. The discipline that studies the possible interpretations of dreams is called Oniromancy, not to be confused with clairvoyance. Our dreams are linked to our unconscious mind, and often they have a hidden meaning that is very useful for those who know how to decipher it 🔎. There are a myriad of dreams and as many different esoteric meanings. But among all these dreams, one in particular will interest us today: the dream of the snake.

Snake in dreams



  • What does the snake dream mean?
  • Snake dream and waking life
  • A unique symbolism


One of the most common animals that appear in dreams is the snake. Snakes are complex symbols because they can have both positive and negative meanings. Many strange dreams are your unconscious response to past and present events ⌚. If you have disturbing memories or childhood traumas, they may appear in your dreams in the form of a snake. Similarly, when you dream about snakes, it often indicates that you are in a complex situation in your waking life.

Snakes usually symbolize fear or transformation. Dreaming about a snake is a sign that you are afraid of something in your waking life. But it can also be a warning of upcoming changes ⚠️. Each snake dream has slightly different meanings depending on the context of the dream itself. However, although the snake is considered an evil symbol in Western culture, it is often linked to progress in life when it is seen in a dream.

What does the snake dream mean ?




Snake dreams therefore reflect a situation that is currently part of your life. It's a sign that it's time to face reality! In fact, seeing a snake in your dreams can be a message from your subconscious mind that wants to push you to react to a situation you are confronted with on a daily basis. The image of a snake represents your inner power 💪. This dream is a kind of emotional storm in your life.

In fact, most cold-blooded animals that appear in dreams represent destructive situations in the dreamer's waking life 😴. You may feel bitterness, anxiety, fear, ... In short, harmful feelings. It is true that seeing any type of animal in your dream is often considered as a representation of your own personality.


Snake Dreams  Meaning



It is important to clarify that there is not ONE, but SNAKE dreams. Some of these dreams are common to many people, and their meanings are quite well known ✅. But other dreams involving snakes are quite rare.

The meaning of such a dream can change completely depending on how the snake appeared to you, your culture, or even how you feel about snakes 🐍 in the waking life!


snake dream



  • How to interpret your dream of a snake?
  • Recurring snake dream
  • A very popular dream




To interpret his dreams and understand the meaning of the snake in them, it is important to take into account his personal experiences with snakes. The meaning of a snake dream will be different for someone who has a snake as a pet, and someone who is scared to death of that animal 😱. Sometimes it is difficult to go beyond the initial fear one feels towards the snake to properly analyze one's dream. But remember that snake symbolism can be positive or negative, depending on how you feel about the snake.


interpreting snake dreams



To interpret a snake dream, you must also ask yourself how this animal is perceived in your culture 🤔. The snake is an important symbol (benevolent or malevolent) in many cultures. So your cultural background may play an important role in how you interpret your vision.


Details are also very important to understand his dreams. And to start deciphering your vision 👀, you will have to analyze them. To interpret your snake dream, you must first answer some essential questions:

  • What type of snake did you dream about?
  • What color was the snake?
  • What was the snake doing when it appeared to you?
  • What were your emotions and attitude during the dream?
  • Besides the snake, who else was present in your dream?

Once this is done, the information will be in front of you as an unsolved puzzle. All you have to do is put the pieces back in the right place, in order to understand the dreams you are having! 👍


analysis and snake dream



Although snake dreams are common to many people, each dreamer needs to find his or her personal meaning among the common observations. Seeing a snake in a dream can mean very different things depending on the person's life situation. In addition, no two snake dreams are completely alike: each has a distinct vision 👨🏫.

What you felt in the dream is also important. You don't necessarily need a psychologist or psychotherapist to interpret your dream ❌. If you remember your dream well, you can think of aspects of your life that could have led to the dream. Let your intuition guide you as you try to interpret what your dream means. If you apply all of this, you will find the solution to your dream by looking deep inside yourself. But of course, telling a dream to someone close to you and listening to people's dreams when they talk about it can give you answers and avenues of research that you may not have thought of !


sensation in the dream




It is not uncommon to see a snake in our conscious mind every day and not even notice it. This may be the reason for your recurring dreams. Maybe you have this dream because you have seen a statue or an image, or even seen a snake on television. It is very rare to remember every dream. Usually when we wake up we forget most of the dreams we have had during the night 😅. The fact that you remember the dream of the snake is a great sign.


dream of the recurring snake


You may even see snakes in your dreams on a regular basis. If this is the case, you are probably going through an eventful time right now, either positively or negatively. As we have seen, the snake can be a symbol of good or evil. Snake dreams often appear when there has been a period of struggle ⚔️ (generating stress, anxiety, neurosis, etc.). But they can also appear when you are fulfilled in your waking life: love, family, work, etc.

If you notice that your snake visions appear regularly without you being able to make the link with your daily life of the moment, try to look in your past. Perhaps you have a trauma that is coming back to you right now. It is important to deal with past traumas (by writing in a journal or talking to a psychologist for example), because if you don't, these problems will creep into your dreams 💨.




Surprisingly, this is the most popular dream of all time!

We spend almost 25 years dreaming in our lives. It is not surprising that a dream with snakes appears to us more than once during this extraordinary period of time. What is fascinating is that in general, in waking life we do not encounter snakes on a regular basis. The fact that we unconsciously see snakes in certain situations 😨, is perhaps the reason why this dream is so popular.

Our brain is still adapted for prehistoric life: it is trained to spot potential threats in our environment 🤨. This is why sometimes we think that this stick on the ground or this coiled cable is shaped like a snake. Of course today it is rare to come across a real snake in France, but just the fact of thinking "hold this cable looks a bit like a snake" is enough to make this animal enter our subconscious !


a popular dream



Although the interpretation of snake dreams is personal, as we have seen; there are common meanings to these dreams 👍. These can help you solve some of the mystery of your vision.

  • Snake Dreams and Being Afraid
  • The snake in dreams: a warning
  • Snake, growth and transformation
  • Snake and subconscious
  • Snake and erotic dream
  • Snake, Knowledge and Wisdom
  • The snake: symbol of healing
  • The snake and the fight


Snakes are known to be scary reptiles. When you dream about snakes, it can be a sign of trouble. You are afraid of something in your waking life that needs your attention and immediate reaction. This may be related to a problem or situation in your life ☹️. For example, if you are afraid to tell someone your true feelings, then you will probably dream about snakes.

For many people, the image of a snake can evoke fear. Snakes are unpredictable and can strike at any time without warning 😈. So, a snake that appears in your dream may represent something in your life that is unpredictable and out of control. This unpredictable thing may already be happening, or it may soon appear in your life or the life of someone you know.


dream of snake and be afraid


If you feel fear of snakes in your waking life, chances are you will also feel fear in your dreams. In this case a snake dream symbolizes that there is something or someone in your life that you fear, and that you don't want to face. Through this vision you should become aware that you need to overcome this fear. But if the snake you fear starts to run away from you, it means that the thing you fear is only in your mind and will never materialize 😁.

But if you don't especially feel fear of snakes and you see one in your dreams, it means that you are facing your fear without any problem and that you are overcoming it. You face your problems rather than ignore them. It can also mean that you already know what problems your dream refers to ✅.





Because snakes are sometimes difficult to see and sneak into bushes, they are also a symbol of a hidden threat and/or betrayal 🤥. They look forward to the perfect opportunity to take action. If the snake bites you in your dream, then the dream is trying to alert you to something in your waking life that you are not aware of or that has not yet surfaced. Seeing a baby snake in your dream means you underestimate the threat. If you kill the snake, or if the snake is dead, it means that the threat has passed or that you have overcome it.


the snake as a warning


The snake in a dream is a warning signal, as is the tail of the rattlesnake when someone gets too close to it 🔔. Snake dreaming can mean that something terrible is going to happen to you in the near future, and that you ignore it. Especially if the animal you saw in your vision notices you, but doesn't do anything and doesn't move.

As a metaphor, the snake in your dream may symbolize someone around you who is evil and ruthless. In this kind of dream, the snake will try to attack you, bite you or even eat you alive 😰. Sometimes the snake may even take on human form. Your dream warns you not to trust this person.





With the ability to shed their skin by moulting, snakes symbolize transformation. If your snake dream has left a positive feeling in you, it represents positive change, self-renewal, growth, knowledge and wisdom 😇.

The snake that bites its tail, known as Ouroboros, is the symbol of eternity and transformation. It devours itself and is perpetually reborn 🔁. Seeing such a snake in a dream means that you are evolving through self-questioning if you do; or that you need to question yourself to move forward in your life if you don't.


ouroboros snake


If the snake in your dream turns into another person, it may indicate that it's time to give up a bad habit. Likewise, dreaming about a snake that is shedding its skin means that you are undergoing some kind of transformation, and that you are in the process of transforming into a new person ✨. This can be negative as well as positive.

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