Snake Rings


  • There is no collection of jewelry more appropriate than our snake-shaped rings to reflect the personality of the person who decides to wear them on a daily basis. They will send messages or codes no matter what the circumstances to represent you.
  • Even in the diversity of modern clothing styles, hands are often exposed, ready to be decorated with original personal rings to become subtle revealers of deep identities.
  • As a famous proverb says, "Let me look at your hand and I will tell you who you are". The meaning of this proverb has evolved over time. If the stigma left by hard work is no longer a sign of being different and belonging to a certain group, then buying a 18 karat gold-plated snake ring can prove one's personality and the originality of the wearer.



  • The spiritual image of the serpent is deeply rooted in the human imagination and is a symbol of vitality and wisdom. We have imbued ourselves with the slender shape of snakes in order to develop many models of our "snake ring" collection. We have made sure that this collection captures the essence of these unique reptiles to make full-fledged works of art that stand the test of time.
  • From the simplest to the most complex, all our rings, whether adjustable or not, are full of meaning. Deep symbolism taking up the essence of the design language emblematic of Snake Intuition™. Each of its unusual partners is unique, making them extraordinary creatures.
  • The snake is not only a simple snake ring or a jewel worn on the finger, but also a totem and an amulet, which embodies the wild part of the wearer's mind. The most important thing about wearing a snake-shaped signet ring is to decorate yourself with elegant jewelry with a subtle threatening aura.

Snake ring



  • The serpentine ring for woman is truly unique by its light form, an ode to seductive feminine charm. Then, the curve of the double ring delicately and gracefully surrounds the square section of the lady of character. A jewel exudes a mischievous character, enough to make her dare to wear a unique and exotic silver lady ring.
  • The snake-shaped ring for woman remains in the air of time. Resolutely bohemian, it remains trendy in the jewelry world thanks to the charm of this animal. Because a jewel has for first purpose to put forward the beauty of the women. It is and will remain unique in the eyes of the one who owns it.
  • The purchase of a serpentine ring will inspire femininity and reflect a seductive charm, reflecting the soul of its future wearer. If the most beautiful rose has thorns, the magnificent snake can be venomous.



  • Our snake rings for men will shamelessly show that it is not enough to have the protruding fangs of a cobra or its remarkable charm to be considered a formidable hunter. Made of pure silver, our men's rings will showcase the class and style of the wearer on his finger. It can also bring out his wild side.
  • At once cunning and solitary, the snake personifies power itself and raw calm. These gems are a symbol of power, combat and domination. Just as the viper uses its deadly power of restraint, the wearer of the magnificent snake ring uses this jewel to symbolize that he has mastered the beast that hides in his body.
  • The exquisite Olupoulos men's ring perfectly interprets the spiritual side of the cold-blooded Ophibod, accurately reflects the animal side of the male soul and brings a predatory existence to the wearer.



  • Extremely refined, we have imagined and designed the animal ring, then we have hand-made it on demand, in order to propose a real series full of personality. Therefore, offering one of our snake rings to your partner as an engagement ring or wedding band is a wonderful gift idea.
  • The original rings are at the center of the different clothing styles. We are committed to ensuring the quality of our jewelry by regularly contacting our suppliers to maintain a high level of quality from them. This is to ensure that every piece of jewelry we sell is of impeccable quality.
  • Due to its stretch coil shape, the adjustable snake ring can be easily adjusted once it is worn on the finger. This is why some of our works have unique dimensions. For other models, we provide you with a measuring guide to help you choose your ideal ring size.



  • You hesitate between a silver or sterling steel ring? Don't worry, all our rings are allergenic. Our jewelry is absolutely free of nickel and other materials that are toxic to the human body. Because of their purity, they are non-irritating to the skin and contain no allergens.
  • To put it simply, our rings are only made with 3 three raw materials.



  • This high-strength metal, also known as surgical steel, is the purest and strongest alloy steel available in the jewelry industry. Our largest ring is made of this silvery metal.
  • The particularity of this sober alloy made of steel and chrome is that it can reflect light and shine as easily as pink gold or silver because it can be aged deliberately. And this will not change its intrinsic quality.
  • The snake ring made of this metal will not change color over time. Nor will it become black like poor quality steel alloys. Therefore, the 316L stainless steel ring is a reliable jewelry weighing only a few grams and can withstand the damage of daily wear and tear for a long time.


  • 925 silver or sterling silver (marked "925") is a noble material widely used in the jewelry industry. This precious metal is composed of 92.5% pure silver and the rest is mixed with various other metals, such as zinc, copper, brass or tin, which can be used to reinforce the silver ring.
  • As a jeweler, we sell some silver snake rings with rhodium-plated silver. Their surface is covered with a few thousandths of rare rhodium metal, which makes them lighter in color and ten times brighter.
  • The 925 sterling silver ring is a neutral silver, easy to wear and is an ideal choice to display an elegant personality. Witness the snake ring created by Brigitte Macron, the first lady introduced herself gracefully in her speech.
  • Although this is not a sign of poor quality, but of the inherent nature of the chemical composition of silver plating, silver plating will naturally darken over time. The speed of this process depends on many factors and can vary from a few weeks to a few months. Therefore, in order to maintain the initial luster for as long as possible, you should avoid bringing your silver jewelry into contact with water, sweat, creams and perfumes.
  • The zirconium or zirconia set in some of our works should not be confused with natural zirconia or fine artificial rhinestones.
  • It is an artificially created semiprecious stone and, as it is similar to diamonds, it is widely used in the creation of jewelry. Zirconium gems can be of different colors: from emeralds to rubies, sapphires and amethysts.
  • This semi-precious stone is set on its base in the shape of a reptile, imitating the sublime light of a serpentine diamond ring. Because of its brilliance, cubic zirconia is the second best substitute for diamond after pyroxene.



In order to purchase a beautifully engraved ring or a snake-shaped wedding band to keep its luster as long as possible after purchase, here are some simple care tips :


  • Whether your precious snake jewelry is made of silver or steel, we recommend that you do not expose your jewelry to water for a long period of time. Avoid putting the jewelry in contact with chemicals.
  • To clean women's or men's rings, it is best to use a microfiber cloth or special cleaning products.